4 Types Of Pain Prenatal Chiropractors Can Help With

Pregnancy takes your body through many different changes. Your posture and center of gravity shifts, you gain weight, and your gait changes.

Because of these changes, you’re likely to experience some type of lower back pain, pelvic pain, or a combination of the two as your pregnancy progresses. The good news is that prenatal chiropractic care can help to reduce several types of pain associated with these changes during pregnancy.

Here are four different types of pregnancy-related pain your chiropractor can help to relieve:

  1. Lower back pain: During pregnancy, your center of gravity changes. This puts more stress on the lumbar spine and causes lower back pain. Pain can range from mild to severe depending on your work and daily activities. It’s especially common during the postpartum period. Changes in your gait pattern and muscle tightness can also contribute to lower back pain during pregnancy. Prenatal chiropractors can help to reduce lower back pain both during and after pregnancy.
  2. Pubic symphysis pain: Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction can sometimes happen during pregnancy because the hormone Relaxin tells the ligaments stabilizing the pubic symphysis joint to relax. This causes the joint to move and separate, which results in limited mobility and pain. Chiropractors can make gentle adjustments to how the joints function to help restore your pelvic function and reduce inflammation.
  3. Sciatic nerve pain: The sciatic nerve can become irritated or compressed during pregnancy because of the tension in the gluteal muscles and the deep external rotators. Uterine pressure during your baby’s growth can also contribute to sciatic nerve pain. Prenatal chiropractors can help to relieve sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy by alleviating the pressure on the nerves with adjustments to the surrounding joints.
  4. Sacroiliac pain: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause ligaments to relax and the weight-bearing sacroiliac joints to shift and move. When this happens, increased stress is placed on the surrounding ligaments and muscles. This can cause inflammation and pain, especially in the hip area. Chiropractors can help to adjust the position of the sacroiliac joints to reduce pain.


It’s no secret that chiropractic care can reduce pain and promote long-term health and wellness. In fact, up to 77% of people who saw a chiropractor between 2017 and 2018 described their care as very effective.

Prenatal chiropractors can help to improve your sleep, reduce pain, and make daily activities that much easier during pregnancy. For more information on pregnancy chiropractic care or to schedule an appointment with a prenatal chiropractor, contact In Motion Chiropractic and Rehabilitation today.

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