Massage Therapy in Oviedo FL

Are you ready to say goodbye to muscle tightness? We are here to help! In addition to chiropractic care, In Motion Chiropractic and Rehabilitation also offers massage therapy in Oviedo, FL. Our licensed massage therapist is well-versed in improving blood flow, decreasing tissue adhesions, Traditional Thai massage, Traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and sports therapy massage.

Gentle and effective, each of these techniques allows for both comfort during your visit and results that last throughout your daily activities.

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a way to induce cross-friction to the different muscles of the body with the goal of improving blood flow, increasing tissue adhesions, and improving mobility of joints surrounded by certain muscles. Unlike relaxation massage, therapeutic massage reduces discomfort and betters overall health through the manual manipulation of muscle, tissue, tendons, and ligaments.

Each massage is specific to the individual patient, allowing us to focus on your exact needs. Used alone or in conjunction with other types of care, massage therapy has been known to lower pain, ease muscles, heal injuries, and decrease stress and anxiety.

How Will Massage Enrich My Day-to-day Life, Recovery, or Aid in My Activities?

There’s no question that a massage after vigorous exercise feels incredible. Massage not only helps you feel better post-workout but also speeds up muscle recovery. The question is – how?

Recently, researchers put 11 study participants through an intense session of exercise – the kind where you’re seriously sore for days. Following their workouts, each participant received a 10-minute Swedish-style massage on one leg while the other leg rested for comparison purposes. Muscle tissue from both legs was sampled repeatedly before and after exercise. Researchers saw two main differences:

Massage heavily decreased inflammation caused by the workout, comparable to the effects of certain anti-inflammatory medications. Massage increased the production of mitochondria in the muscles, the powerhouses of the cell. As muscle cells adapt to endurance exercise, the number of mitochondria increases. This helps generate energy at a cellular level. However, research isn’t reflecting what’s commonly thought of as the main benefit of massage after exercise – decreasing lactic acid build-up. In some people, massage does do that but it seems that the benefits are further into your cell structure.

No matter your condition or level of pain, therapeutic massage has something to offer people of all ages and lifestyles. Many patients that have seen success through massage therapy were unable to find lasting relief by way of traditional methods, including those who do not sleep well, encounter frequent stress, or seek injury prevention.

Meet Our Massage Therapist – Misty Huber, LMT, MMP

Misty has been a licensed massage therapist since 2012. She has been a medical massage practitioner since 2015. She is certified in deep tissue, sports, hot stone, prenatal, lymphatic drainage, cupping, and Thai. As an ex-college athlete, she understands the hard work and training it takes to succeed in sports, as well as dealing with injuries. She has worked with a clientele ranging from professional athletes to the weekend warrior. As a therapist, she wants to help anyone suffering with pain, chronic dysfunction, and postural issues.

Renew Your Comfort

Let us help restore your hope in comfortable living with trusted massage therapy. Misty looks forward to meeting you and helping you resolve your unwanted aches and pains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If it is your first session, Misty will walk you through her methods and processes and make sure you are comfortable. Many people are curious to what level they should undress for their therapy work. The answer is different for everyone, and dependent on their comfort level. However, for a full body massage, the less clothing you have on the better. “Draping” is the art of making sure someone is always covered by the sheet regardless of the position that Misty is working in. So if you have reservations about fully removing clothing, rest assured you are working with a consummate professional.

Usually, therapy sessions are broken into one hour blocks. However, situationally Misty may offer a shorter or longer session depending on client needs.

Relax your body and mind. If Misty wants to adjust you, she will either do so manually or ask for you to move what is needed. Otherwise, you may adjust your position to the most comfortable for you. Many people will actually sleep during their massages, and some like to talk – that is entirely up to you! Your massage will not ‘hurt’ although if you choose a sports massage it will be slightly more aggressive than other therapeutic options.

Your massage will not ‘hurt’ although if you choose a deep tissue or sports massage it will be slightly more aggressive than other therapeutic options Misty offers.

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