Dr. T. has been helping better lives for nearly five years.

We understand the needs of our patients and put them first in everything that we do. By creating individualized care plans and constantly learning new techniques, we can be confident that we are giving the families and members of our community exactly the care they need.

Let us help you move towards a healthier you!

Our Philosophy

Since the beginning, our mission has been to help service our community through well-rounded health care. We want nothing more than to educate patients, both young and old, about the advantages of safe, natural alternatives to traditional medical attention. Regular chiropractic care, and other organic modalities, not only help patients regarding their muscoskeletal issues, but they improve all other bodily functions as a result.

Practice Community

Our practice welcomes patients of all ages, activity levels, and physical conditions. From newborns to elderly adults, we are able to help anyone who walks through our door. Offering a variety of gentle chiropractic techniques, including Diversified Technique, the Gonstead technique, Graston Technique, and other upper cervical adjustment methods, we are able to provide care that is customized for the differing needs of each patient. Throughout his time as a chiropractor, Dr. T has positively impacted the lives of several patients. With his help, you, too, can enjoy your best life!

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Are you exhausted by constant pain and discomfort? There is no time better than now to take advantage of a gentle, natural answer to your discontentment. We are here for you. With us, your concerns are our own.

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